Some application software challenges lack clear, direct solutions.  That is where experience and thorough application knowledge is needed to navigate the choices. The Pineridge Group enables the delivery of robust solutions:

  • Developed communication and data extraction utilities for remote data gathering computer systems.
  • Development of parameter driven application modules to reduce code base changes.
  • Eliminated application failure by analyzing …
  • Increased system availability from 85% to 99% by implementing stringent change control and operational procedures.
  • Supported a small startup business IT as it grew from a two standalone computer environment to a multi-server, 75 person operation.

test-devel-deliver-transparentSoftware Development

Best practices from software development methodologies are applied as the size of the project demands.  At the heart of all development is continuous testing and development  which enable stable deployment of the software.  The development process incorporates:

  • Working code over detailed documentation of requirements
  • Collaboration with client and development of trust
  • Sustainable development – constant pace
  • Flexible designs and implementation which can adapt to changing requirements
  • Constant reviews to assure client satisfaction



Bring the right tools to the job. Utilizing proven technologies assures a higher degree of success and lower maintenance costs.  The Pineridge Group maintains a core focus around:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Currently work is focused in the LAMP stack, but Django is becoming a key Python web technology.



When you want to achieve your goal, assembling the right team is critical.  The Pineridge Group supports a variety of industries — oil & gas, mining, healthcare, banking, travel, government, small business and scientific research.  Understanding the demands of  different industries assures that the unique demands of your business are considered in any solution.

Providing software consulting services since 1991, The Pineridge Group brings a breath of experience to solve your problems.


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